How to Write a Capstone Project

A capstone project is an assignment that evaluates an intellectual experience of a student during the final year of middle school, high school or any other academic program.

This kind of writing is similar to a college thesis but capstone projects usually takes a great variety of forms. Mostly, this project culminates in a presentation or some kind of performance that may be based on a certain topic, social problem, profession, or something else.

A student should conduct a deep research, create a portfolio of results, do a final product that demonstrates conclusions. For instance, the final product may be a paper, a multimedia presentation, or even a short film. Along with a small performance a student has to bring an oral presentation on the subject to experts, teachers, and other community members who evaluate and grade the quality.

How much time do I need to create a capstone project?

In fact, the time you need to create a project depends on your school or college. Surely, high school capstone project will take you less time than a graduate capstone project but still both of them require a certain amount of time and effort.

So, if you are enrolled in a graduate program with an option of creating a capstone project, it is better that you start thinking about the subject that interests you. Try not to procrastinate till the last minute and get down to investigation of the problem that relates to your capstone project.

Some capstone project ideas

Here are some creative ideas for your project:

  • You may film your own public announcement or a public service advertising about a certain social issue of your interest.
  • Designing a computer program or even a robot that helps disabled people.
  • Create a project of a nonprofit public organization that develops new strategies intended to solve social problems such as hunger, poverty, and homelessness.
  • Conduct a study that determines environmental and ecological problems of the local territory.

You need to do a sufficient amount of research to complete a capstone project. That is why, it takes much time. Still, if you feel like you that this writing challenge is too tough for you, you are free to ask for professional help.

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