Tips for College Entrance Essay

The admissions committees want to meet the real you behind your college entrance essay, a real and interesting person. You should remember that your grades and marks can’t do this. The main task for entrance essay is to give admission officers a view of who you are and to showcase your writing skills. So to do a good job you should make some researches and read some tips. The most important and common we got for you below. These simple rules will fit any college entrance essay format. Also, you can try it for writing MBA entrance essay. But remember, learning how to write a college entrance essay is an uneasy task for beginners.

  1. Brainstorm for a start

    This part can be even harder than the main one – writing an essay. But brainstorming is necessary if you want to be successful with your entrance essay. It will help you to define your best features and strengths.

  2. Write a first draft flow

    Make notes while brainstorming. Then gather them and write an outline. That will help you to organize your essay and to place the examples.

    So it is the right time to write your first draft. It shouldn’t be perfect; its role is to prepare you for further writing work. Just let your ideas flow.

  3. Develop essay parts

    There are three part in every entrance essay. You can’t write a good essay without developing these parts.

    Introduction: Write just one paragraph simply to introduce your essay.

    Body: This is the main part which consists of several different paragraphs explaining the main idea of your entrance essay. Don’t forget about examples.

    Conclusion: The last part with one paragraph to summarize your points and to end an essay.

  4. Be specific

    Try to use simple language while telling your own story. Focus on your life background and find something really interesting and unique. You should figure out which of your personal qualities relate to the essay question.

  5. Be honest

    At the same time, you should be yourself. Don’t lie in your essay. You should talk about your best quality, your experience or the reason you want to attend a certain college. So you should speak honestly while answering such questions. Don’t write something you think the admission officers want to hear from you.

  6. Proofreading

    It is very necessary. You should reread your essay for a couple of times by yourself, find mistakes, listen to the tempo and rhythmic of you essay. Is good, or something is wrong? You obviously should ask some help. It could be you friend or relative. But it better be some professional.

There are a lot of complicated aspects in this task, so maybe you will need help right from the start. And it is normal. You can ask us to check your work or to do it for you. One of our expert writers will do this job perfectly and on-time. So call us anytime, our customer support team are working 24/7.