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Among all types of academic assignments report writing is probably the most cross functional one. Whether you are a student or working as a clerk, salesman, teacher or chief executive sooner or later you will be asked to write a report. Financial, business, technical, scientific – there are types of report writing to suit every area of activities. Hence writing a report is an ability that will definitely come useful in your life.

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All-business report writing tips

“What should I write in my report?” this is a predictable question from the person who is a first-timer in this task, though even skilled writers may stumble once they are asked to craft this kind of paper. To begin with, report is an informative piece of writing presenting results of the work done.

Still, the content and its organization will be defined by the report writing format, which depends on topic and field of investigation. Technical report writing, for instance, is characterized by very formal style with diagrams and figures included. The same is concerned research report writing, where you should present methods and results of your investigation, properly analyzed with the use of reliable facts to support their validity.

Business report writing fits under these rules as well with presentation of work results arranged in the form of statistics, figures and tables. Writing a book report you should be less formal but no less concrete in your explanations of the topic and the point under focus.

Yet, there is a basic report structure with obligatory parts for all these types.

  • Title presents topic of the report, its author and indicates a due date.
  • Summary or outline provides a short review of the whole report with its objective, methods and results
  • Introduction contains multiple tasks to be fulfilled. First, it states the significance and purpose of the central issue. Secondly, it defines the scope of investigation
  • Body or discussion describes problem, methods of its solution, obtained results and their reliability
  • Conclusion summarizes author’s thoughts and findings. It should be directly connected with the aim of the report and state whether it was achieved or not
  • Recommendations, which are an optional part for a report, highlight the scope of work to be done in future
  • References or bibliography contain information sources used for report production

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